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Anna Tyrrell

Anna Tyrrell, principal of Anna Tyrrell & Associates, has lived and worked in Northeast Ohio for over 30 years, helping people improve their lives.

Anna’s wisdom, empathy, compassion and character are your assets during your work with her.  You’ll feel confident knowing she has intensive academic training in the field of mental health and conflict resolution, plus she decades of hands on experience.

Anna’s clients enjoy a comfortable connection with her – feeling understood and accepted. In this positive environment, they feel safe exploring and discovering. This comfortable environment can lead to the life-enhancing changes you seek. You deserve this kind of therapy experience!

Currently, in addition to her practice at Anna Tyrrell & Associates, Anna is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Lake Erie College.  Her knowledge of neuro and physiological psychology has advanced her ability to help her clients understand and manage events in their lives.  “When you understand how your brain works, you can more easily work with your brain.”   This also leads to more effective interventions.

Anna has an extensive history of working with children and teens, not only as a therapist, but as a volunteer consultant with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio for 15 years, developing, enhancing, and providing programming for all ages on sensitive issues such as abuse, sexual assault, teen date abuse, substance abuse, family crises, poverty, diversity and tolerance, bullying, and pregnancy prevention.  She has been a SADD Adviser with a local Middle and High School, promoting mental health and substance abuse prevention through training students in conflict resolution, and the promotion of positive decisions, relationships, and activities.

A leader in the field of Parenting Coordination in Ohio, Anna was the first court-employed Parenting Coordinator for Lake County’s Domestic Relations Court.  Recognized for her expertise in domestic abuse, mediation, and high conflict divorces, she has been a recognized trainer for the Supreme Court of Ohio  since 2001.  Under contract with the Supreme Court of Ohio, she developed and presented a two day course for Parenting Coordination. She has also presented their Domestic Abuse Issues in Mediation course, two days of their Specialized Family & Divorce Mediation Course, as well as special topics for mediators including: Trauma and Mediation, Mediation for Juvenile Offenders, and the NeuroScience of Mediation and various advanced workshops for mediators.

Anna has been honored and recognized by the community and her peers with the following awards:

2013 Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio

2010 Woman of Achievement by the Women’s Center of Lakeland Community College

2002 Counselor of the Year by the Ohio Counseling Association

1999 Thanks Badge by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio

1998 Community Rescuer Award by Project Love and the Community Understanding Day, Cleveland Ohio

Who are the Associates? you might ask

Anna partners and collaborates with other professionals on an as needed basis.  Whether it is to add co-facilitators when she trains, or to add an attorney or financial adviser when working with a divorce.  We are always seeking qualified professionals to enhance the services we provide to ensure our clients get the best care they deserve. 

Anna is especially pleased to be working with Family Guidance Center as a satellite office, as a part of the counseling team, and in collaborating to bring additional services to clients through their counseling services and group programs.

Anna is currently a member of the following professional organizations:

Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio

Ohio Mediation Association

American Counseling Association

Ohio Counseling Association

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts 


and previously

Cleveland Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Center for Principled Family Advocacy

North Central Ohio Counseling Association (President 2000-2001)