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A Note About Fees

All fees for services are self pay at Anna Tyrrell & Associates. Anna is a contract provider with a number of EAP's and can accept EAP payments. Currently, Anna does not accept insurance reimbursement. To access counseling services through your insurance with Anna, you might consider contacting your insurance about out of network reimbursement.  Keep in mind whenever insurance is used for mental health services, a mental health diagnosis is required. This diagnosis is kept on file with your insurance company and may be included in the Medical Information Bureau (MIB).  Currently, under the Affordable Care Act, pre-existing conditions can not prevent one from getting access to insurance.  It is still important that you know what diagnosis is being used in any claim for reimbursement.  While many insurance companies will not pay for marriage or family counseling, most often one person from the marriage or family will receive a diagnosis in order to bill the insurance company for services.  Self-pay services do not require a diagnosis.